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Perfect integration in the car
4.3 inch panoramic screen
multi-function audio base - 3 watt sound, recharging of PND, earphone socket,...
Bluetooth® hands-free phone function (list of compatible phones)
making and receiving of calls
direct call to a POI
Optimised navigation
guidance in 15 languages
a simple, handy menu: navigation / plan a journey / options
sophisticated voice guidance
management of your favourite addresses
history: saves your last 15 destinations
multi-criteria search facility to find a hotel, restaurant or tourist location of your choice according to its category, price, Michelin rating, proximity, etc.
bypass: change your route to avoid road works, traffic jams,...
Integrated GPS receiver for optimum operation in all cars (including those with heat-reflective windscreens)
Navigation options
Long journey mode with indication of towns gone through and tourist sights.(In long journey mode, the Speed Camera Alert and Traffic Info functions are activated by default.)
free navigation mode
unlimited management of stopping places
double screen with 2D zoom on the next junction
text to speech: announcements in 6 languages of street names, road signs and traffic-related messages
fast, intuitive inputting of routes, smart keyboard
display of road signs for very realistic guidance
speed Warnings: alerts you when you exceed speed limits for greater safety
POI Alert to be warned of the proximity of a Point Of Interest
Free real-time traffic information
free service with no subscription
24 hour a day real-time information available in 14 European countries: traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, road works, accidents, weather alerts,...
all the motorways and the major trunk roads in Europe and Paris Ile de France
Audio and visual alerts, including messages and symbols on the map, about traffic conditions and unforeseen road incidents
an alternative route offered
information available in the user's own language irrespective of the country you are going through
integrated RDS TMC receiver
6 route types offered
Shortest: route with the least distance
Quickest: route with the fastest journey time
Recommended by ViaMichelin: route focussing on comfort, safety and simplicity
Route without tolls
European coverage
management of cross-border routes
20 countries covered
guidance in the user's own language
speed cameras integrated for France and Belgium
most of the speed cameras in Europe available in downloading
Complete Michelin Guide collection
51,000 hotels and restaurants in Europe from the selection from The MICHELIN® Guides
19,000 tourist sights from The Green Guides
2.5 million Points Of Interest: service stations, car parks, public services, post offices, local shops, etc.
Content Manager: a PC application for managing your content
export an address from www.ViaMichelin.com and synchronise it in the PND
Map Manager to manage the personalised or basic exporting of a map
POI Manager to save content and import POI files (*.asc) to the PND
direct access to on-line help
Exclusive content
Exclusive content from The Michelin guides: directs you efficiently to a restaurant or tourist sight.
MICHELIN® Guide 2006:
Hotel and restaurant from the selection from The Michelin Guide 2006
Addresses, descriptions, Michelin rating, facilities and services
Michelin Green Guide
Tourist sights and addresses from the Green Guide collection
The Points Of Interest
Thousands of addresses useful when you are travelling: car parks, service stations, leisure activities, cultural activities, food shops, local services,…
Free traffic information: stress-free driving!

+ Real-time traffic updates 24/7
+ Stay informed of traffic conditions and unforeseen incidents while on
   the road: traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, roadworks, traffic accidents,
   weather alerts...
+ Bypass traffic jams with the automatic route recalculation feature
+ No hidden costs or additional subscriptions required
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