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Real-time traffic information...no more traffic hold-ups!
24 hour real-time information: traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, road works, accidents, weather alerts...
Traffic information available for 13 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
Information available in user's preferred language regardless of country you are travelling through.
All the motorways and major trunk roads in Europe .
Audio and visual warnings and written messages regarding traffic conditions and unforeseen road incidents.
Alternative route suggestions.
Integrated RDS-TMC receiver.
Bluetooth® connectivity for hands-free call function and remote content updates.
To benefit from this service, you will need to activate your personal on-line My ViaMichelin area and to have taken out a data or GPRS subscription.

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Making and receiving calls
Direct hotel or restaurant reservations...make your call at the touch of a button
5-day weather forecast updates
Updates on fixed safety camera locations in Europe
Synchronise favourite addresses saved and stored on-line in your personal My ViaMichelin area.
High-performance, comfortable navigation
MP3 player
Fast, intuitive inputting of addresses thanks to the smart keyboard.
Even better route calculation and geolocation.
Accurate, efficient voice guidance in 15 languages.
Improved sound quality.
Integrated GPS antenna for optimum operation in all cars (including those with a heat-reflective windscreen).
Saving of route plans.
History: saves your last 15 destinations.
Direct access buttons for details on nearby petrol stations and carparks
Toll charges
Plan routes on-line and export selected addresses to your device.
Intuitive interface
It's all change with the ViaMichelin's new Navigation 7 software interface
New menu ergonomics with innovative graphics: revision of the pictograms, area dedicated to useful information (battery level, speed, journey time), direct access to the nearest service stations and car parks
New navigation menu with direct access to the key functions and exclusive Michelin Guide content.
Convergence: plan your journey on the web comfortably.
Synchronisation between your device and your on-line My ViaMichelin account (via USB or Bluetooth® connection)
Content Manager providing automatic content updates from your My ViaMichelin every time you connect.
Identical menu layout on the website and your GPS system
Direct addition from the map to the portable GPS.
Share your personal folders with your family and friends.
Personalise your My ViaMichelin folders.
Safety features
Speed Warnings to alert the driver when a speed limit is being exceeded.
Audio safety camera alerts.
POI Alerts to notify the driver of an approaching Point Of Interest (e.g. service stations).
Dangerous bend and permitted overtaking zone alerts
Warnings of uneven road surfaces
"Take A Break" tiredness alerts
"Tunnel" mode offering altered screen brightness and route simulation for vehicles inside tunnels
Navigation to be personalised according to your criteria
Motorway mode with details of passing towns and nearby tourist sites. (default activation of safe camera alerts.)
"Follow my position" mode: navigate without defining a destination.
Stage by stage navigation : unlimited management of each journey stage.
Dual screen with 2D zoom : mapping & schematic viewpoints.
Road signage display for realistic guidance.
Modification of the route in navigation mode.
3 route types: shortest (route with the least distance), quickest (route with the shortest time), Recommended by ViaMichelin (route focussing on comfort, safety and simplicity).
3 modes options : pedestrian, Bicycle, car.
Avoid tolls option.
Simplified search
Search from the Michelin Guides pictogram (Green Guides, MICHELIN® (Hotel and restaurant) Guides
or other useful POIs from the "Usefull Address" pictogram (car parks, baker's shops, etc) including those downloaded from your My ViaMichelin account
Thanks to the new search screen, find a specific POI in just three easy steps
Search by postcode or town.
Multi-criteria search for finding a hotel, restaurant or tourist location of your choice according to its category, its price, its Michelin rating, its proximity, etc.
Specific to ViaMichelin Navigation X-970T Europe New Edition
Management of cross-border routes.
20 countries covered.
Guidance in user's preferred language.
Free download updates for most of safety camera locations in Europe .
A genuine electronic travel guide
Comprehensive hotel and restaurant listings from The Michelin® Guide: addresses, descriptions, ratings, facilities and services...
Content from The Green Guide: tourist site information, photos and addresses with comments.
Thousands of practical Points of Interest certified by ViaMichelin: service stations, garages, car parks, authorities, local shops...
Integrated safety camera locations and free updates to download.
Free downloads of suggested tourist and discovery routes with dozens of recommended addresses to download from ViaMichelin.co.uk (e.g. Luxembourg European capital of culture, a gastronomic guide to the Bordeaux region).
The synchronisation of favourite addresses collected on the web with your My ViaMichelin on-line personal area.
Voice synthesis.
Change of image for Content Manager,
the management interface on the PC
Brand-new design.
Centralised management of map content, POIs, saved My ViaMichelin addresses and MP3 content.
Simple one-click update procedure.
Automatic synchronisation on connection with your on-line My ViaMichelin Book.