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Free traffic updates in real-time
- Traffic information in real-time 24/7
- Be alerted by an audible warning, symbols on the map and written messages about traffic conditions and unforeseen road incidents: traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, roadworks, accidents, weather alerts...
- Bypass traffic with the automatic route recalculation feature
- No hidden costs or additional subscriptions required
- Integrated RDS TMC receiver
Easier guidance and advanced technology
- A simple, user-friendly menu: Navigate to / Plan your journey / Settings
- Clear and precise voice guidance
- Save and manage your favourite addresses
- History: saves your last 10 destinations
- Road signs displayed, making it easier to find your way around
- Speed Warner: alerts you when you exceed speed limits for greater safety
- POI Warner: warns you as you draw near to a specified Point of Interest
- An easy multi-criteria search to look for a hotel, restaurant or tourist sight according to your preferences
- Bypass: change your route to avoid roadworks, road closures...
- Integrated GPS receiver for advanced satellite reception (including cars with heat reflective windscreens)
Exclusive content
Exclusive content from The Michelin guides: directs you efficiently to a restaurant or tourist sight.
The MICHELIN® Guide 2006:
Hotel and restaurant recommendations from The MICHELIN® Guide 2006
Contact details, descriptions, Michelin rating, facilities and services
The Michelin Green Guide
Detailed descriptions of tourist sights as recommended by The Michelin Green Guide
Points of Interest
Thousands of practical addresses, useful for daily trips and holidays: car parks, petrol stations, sports facilities, cultural activities, food shops, local services...
Free traffic information: stress-free driving!

+ Real-time traffic updates 24/7
+ Stayed informed on traffic conditions and unforeseen incidents while on
   the road: traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, roadworks, traffic accidents,
   weather alerts...
+ Bypass traffic jams with the automatic route recalculation feature
+ No hidden costs or additional subscriptions required
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