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Easy, quick and light, the X-950 portable GPS navigation device will guide you smoothly through cities and on the road.

Like all ViaMichelin GPS products, the ViaMichelin Navigation X-950 features exclusive content from the Michelin Guides: hotel and restaurant recommendations from The MICHELIN® Guide 2006 and tourist suggestions from The Michelin Green Guide as well as thousands of useful addresses such as petrol stations, car parks, sports facilities...the list is endless!
Simple and easy-to-use: switch it on and off you go!
Touch screen and 4 quick access buttons on the front
A simple, user-friendly menu
Realistic 2D and 3D screen display modes
Compact and light: all the qualities of a GPS navigation system in just 134g
Flat and light, ideally sized for your pocket or handbag
Easily transferable from one car to another, take it with you wherever you go
Portable navigation with thousands of useful Points of interest
Exclusive content: hotel and restaurant recommendations from The MICHELIN® Guide 2006 and tourist information from The Michelin Green Guide
Multi-criteria search which allows you to easily find a hotel, restaurant or tourist sight according to price, facilities, Michelin rating...
Integrated SIRF Star III GPS receiver which works even through heat reflective windscreens
Vocal guidance available in more than 15 languages
Thousands of useful Points of Interest (POIs)
The Michelin® Guide 2006
The Michelin Green Guide
Thousands of Points of Interest
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