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An advanced GPS navigation solution combined with the Palm® T|X organisation features: integral wireless connectivity and greater user comfort due to its large screen.
Combining the advantages of an in-car GPS navigation system and the organisation functions of the new T|X handheld device, this GPS bundle will make all your business and personal travels easier!

Simply slide your T|X into the GPS cradle, enter in your destination and ViaMichelin Navigation 4 will guide you there with the help of detailed maps and vocal instructions.

With an elegant design and an exceptionally sharp high-resolution screen, the Palm® T|X is also equipped with a non-volatile flash memory. Thus allowing you to safely store your personal data, presentation documents, photos and videos, even if you do not have time to recharge the battery
Simple, intuitive navigation
- Ultra-fast configuration: with the Plug & Drive solution on the pre-loaded SD card, when you insert your T|X into the GPS cradle, ViaMichelin Navigation starts up automatically and you're instantly ready to navigate
- Innovative GPS cradle: equipped with the latest SiRF Star III GPS technology, it fits perfectly into your car
- Advanced, user-friendly navigation: navigate and calculate your route with complete confidence - you can even select your destination directly from your address book
- Easy transfer and compact dimensions: move your PDA and GPS solution easily from one car to another
Palm® T|X: design and organisation
- Elegant design: the T|X is an ultra-flat, very light handheld device which can easily be slipped into your pocket or your handbag
- Easy organisation: manage your everyday personal information (diary, calendar, contacts, tasks, calculator, Microsoft Office® files...)
- High-resolution screen: large screen with a wealth of colours, the latest technology and user comfort
- Stay connected permanently with the Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® technology
- Guaranteed fun: listen to MP3 files, view photos and watch videos
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Free speed camera locations
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