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A complete GPS Navigation solution for aspiring professionals: including stylishly-designed, affordable handheld with a ready-to-go Navigation kit.
The Tungsten™ E2 Navigation Companion is an indispensable driving tool. Its elegant design offers a perfect integration in your car and gives you all the comfort you need for the navigation.

Simply connect the Tungsten™ E2 in the GPS Pod Plug and Drive, specify your destination point and ViaMichelin Navigation will guide you through the traffic with the help of detailed maps and vocal instructions.

This Tungsten™ E2 PDA is packed with the latest handheld technology, including Bluetooth® wireless technology and an extra-sharp, high-resolution screen display. It also features non-volatile flash memory for safe storage for your Calendar, Contacts, documents and presentations, photos and videos, even if you don't have time to recharge.
- Ready in seconds: Ready to use ViaMichelin Navigation card with country maps, Plug and Drive GPS Pod with built-in speaker
- Easy to use: Simple touchscreen interface, voice guidance
- Intuitive navigation: Select destination direct from Contacts or enter manually any location, automatic re-routing
- Best in class: Exclusive journey planning features from ViaMichelin, use thousands of Points of Interest available and customize your own, get access to exclusive content from ViaMichelin
- Extreme mobility: Transferable from car to car in seconds, take your handheld with you when you want.
- Stay in control: Calendar, Contacts, Notes and more, keep your information safe with the non-volatile memory, synchronise with Outlook
- Be productive: Hi-resolution display, take Microsoft Office files with you, built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless connectivity
- Have fun: listen to MP3s, view photos and video clips.
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