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A ready-for-use 2-in-1 GPS solution: light and elegant, the rx1950 handheld device guides you smoothly through towns and on the road with the ViaMichelin Navigation software.
The HP iPAQ rx1950 GPS bundle is a simple and intuitive driving tool.

Simply slide your HP iPAQ rx1950 into the Plug & Drive GPS cradle, enter in your destination and ViaMichelin Navigation 4 will guide you there with the help of detailed maps and vocal instructions.

Elegant and advanced, the rx1950 incorporates the most common applications, multimedia options and a wide range of user-friendly functions, enabling you to organise your activities and enjoy yourself whilst remaining in contact.
Simple, intuitive navigation with ViaMichelin Navigation
- Plug & Drive solution: simply insert the provided SD card, pre-loaded with the United Kingdom map, into your PDA. ViaMichelin Navigation installs itself automatically
- Edit your maps on PC, specifying the level of area detail you prefer
- Door-to-door navigation: clear and precise driving directions and road sign display
- Automatic route recalculation should not you make a wrong turn
- Innovative GPS car cradle: allows you to position your PDA as you prefer, from portrait to landscape mode, on your car dashboard or windscreen. You can also easily move it from one car to another.
HP iPAQ rx1950: built-in wireless connectivity and condensed functions
- Compact and light: one of the thinnest and lightest PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) on the market
- Easy organisation: equipped with the latest version of Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ (5.0), enabling you to manage data, contacts, messages, photos, video or music while travelling
- Remain connected when travelling with Wi-Fi: built-in Wi-Fi function (802.11b) guarantees wireless high-speed access to the Internet and email
- Future-proof functions: the rx1950 is equipped with an SDIO slot, making it possible to increase storage space and ensuring future-proofness for other technology
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